Custom blended plastics can be made.  Blending is a way to combine different ingredients in pre-determined proportions for the production of products or parts.

Blending Materials

Custom Blending Services

Custom Blending To Specifications

AZP & Associates offers two different ways of blending materials.  With volumetric blending we can mix materials into the blend by quantity.  With gravimetric blending, we can blend materials into the plastic mixture to increase the density or weight of the parts being manufactured.  And if you require a combination of both, that’s easy as well.  With our advanced technology, we can attach components to feed materials by either a fully automated, multi-component blender, or individually with a standalone bin.
In either case, the part’s blend can be changed based on either weight or volume.

During the plastic injection process, it is easy to blend the resins, additives, and colorants as needed in our manufacturing facility. By using blending, it is actually cheaper than contacting a material supplier and buying pre-colored or pre-mixed material

Some of our blending processes include:

  • Coloring
  • Stabilizing-which includes rigidity, electrical and/or chemical properties, as well as UV resistance.
  • Regrinds of defective parts

During blending, the amount of material can vary from one pound all the way up to thousands of pounds per hour, and it can be done in regrind, pellet, concentrate, powder, flake and even liquid form.  This process can be customized to fill any order from very small to hundred of thousands of units.

Plastic colors can be easily changed using concentrates, cubes, and tinted resins.  Need a simple color?  We carry some colors in stock.  If you need a custom color, color matching can be done before our molding software using our design software.  The color can be as saturated or as light as you would like.  We can also achieve colors by mix of materials .

Color can be dry-blended in addition to concentrate with ready to use polymers. AZP & Associates carefully controls and monitors the mixing process which eliminates the risks of blending the color manually.    Pre-colored resins can be used as well, and our color experts have both the knowledge and resources available to guarantee color match accuracy  with pre-colored reins.

When color is required, along with other additives, contact AZP & Associates for our wide ranging experience  in polymer and additives.

Custom blending is all a part of our facility’s plastic injection molding process and is one of the many services that  AZP & Associates can offer you and your company.

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