Material compounding is one of the many services that AZP & Associates offers.

What is Material Compounding?

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Material compounding is a plastics manufacturing process where various materials are mixed and melted in an extruder, and ultimately made into pellets. These pellets are in turn processed either by molding or extrusion to make either a finished part, or a semi-finished one.

Using polymers and assorted additives, our material compounding process makes unique plastic recipes and formulas by both the polymers and additives while in a molten state.

While molten, these blends are automatically dosed at various points during the process. There are several different material compounds that are added from polymers such as SMA, ABS, or SAN, anti-oxidant additives, UV stabilizing compounds, to strengthening materials such as glass or fiberglass fibers. During the compounding process, there are several criteria we follow to make sure that all of the raw materials are not only blended properly, they are heated and molded properly as well.

How Does AZP & Associates Do Material Compounding?

How does AZP & Associates do material compounding? One of the methods that AZP & Associates uses for material compounding is extrusion. With an extrusion process, a hopper starts to feed the screw which transfers the resins in a controlled manner to the die. Confined to a narrow barrel, the screw usually has different zones that can be heated independently or as a unit depending on the resin’s properties. A higher temperature element can be heated independently of a softer, more pliable material. Other methods that we use are counter-rotating screws and co-kneaders, and other methods as part of our plastic injection molding process.

As the plastic is extruded, it forms into long strands. These are then fed into a chopper to be reduced to pellet sized pieces of the now combined material compound which can then in turn be made into a new part based upon your specifications.

These pellets can then be placed into a hopper as part of our plastic injection molding process.

Since 1964, AZP & Associates has been a plastic injection molding service.

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