Material Distribution

AZP & Associates offers material distribution as part of our services.

Material Distribution is One our Many Services | 602-437-0136

Material Distribution is One our Many Services | 602-437-0136

What is Material Distribution?

What is material distribution? Well, when we make our plastics, sometimes we aren’t selling just plastic parts and components. Sometimes we are providing the material to other manufacturers for use in their production as well.

Who can use material distribution? Some companies have manufacturing capabilities but do not want to dedicate part of their facilities to actually making the raw materials such as blended materials or resin pellets. That’s where AZP & Associates comes in.

We can provide your company or facility the raw materials and ship them as needed. We know how to properly and safely package all materials to ensure delivery that is on-time, what you ordered, and to be free of defects, all of which is part of the quality commitment that AZP & Associates adheres to.

AZP & Associates’ plastics distribution is an essential service we provide to our customers. AZP & Associates’ plastics knowledge is based not only on our understanding of the plastic’s chemical properties but their characteristics and performance during different processes such as machining, sawing, ans finishing. the machining, sawing and finishing steps that are typical of the manufacturing process.

We stock a wide variety of standard rod, sheet, pellet and tube materials For clients who have a need for non-standard sizes or materials, we offer custom stocking programs that will ensure we have what they need on hand.

Local and National Delivery

AZP & Associates offers local as well as national delivery of our materials. We negotiate the best freight rates available with both national as well as regional freight carriers to keep shipment costs as low as possible. Our customers can also specify their own freight carrier for us to use as well.

Since 1964, AZP & Associates has been your source for plastic injection molding as well as our other services.

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