Sometimes, you need a large order of plastic parts, mass produced and packaged for shipment.  Other times, however, your business may need more, such as product sub-assembly.

Who Needs Product Sub-Assembly?

Product sub assembly | 602-437-0136

Product sub assembly | 602-437-0136

Who needs product sub-assembly?  Some of our customers don’t just need some plastic parts, they need them partially put together.  This can be due to efficiency, or as a way of controlling costs of a manufacturing project.  Whatever the reason, sub-assembly can either save your organization time,  money, or both. With several decades of experience, AZP & Associates can easily assemble components for your business, just as we do already for the aerospace, consumer goods, and other industries.

Our experienced personnel as well as our knowledge base allows us to bring timely, high quality solutions while producing plastic parts at a competitive cost.

A few benefits from our product sub-assembly services include:

  • Much lower labor costs:  completing  product sub-assembly in our plastics injection facility in conjunction with our partners can be done for a much lower cost than at a dedicated facility.
  • Decreased lead times on products that you need to be produced quickly.
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Reduced inventory
  • Freeing up your production line space

Many of our product sub-assemblies incorporate different materials such as rubber, industrial textiles, metal, plastic, electrical, foams, polyurethane, as well as other materials. Our facility combined with our experience as well as our manufacturing partners enables us to be highly competitive in the marketplace. Our centralized location means less risk, no extra taxes or tariffs, and no inventory costs.

At AZP & Associates we know that each of our customers has different product sub assembly needs. A major aerospace company will have different needs for their parts than a medical supply company.

At AZP & Associates, we work with our customers to determine how much assembly is necessary, and how we can deliver the products as expected and on time.

So remember, whatever your reason for needing product sub-assembly, whether it is to save money on a project, or simply being quicker, why not pick the company that has decades of experience?

Since 1964, AZP & Associates has been a family-owned and operated plastics manufacturing plant.

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